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By bob lee (anonymous) | Posted January 29, 2011 at 16:55:47 in reply to Comment 58711

excellent point. I would also have encouraged people here not to destroy the goodwill they could have had with about as progressive a mayor as they come, based on his past council voting record - far moreso than Eisenberger - except that ship appears to have sailed

Here's a little glimpse, courtesy of CATCH (

Aerotropolis expansion: Bratina against, Eisenberger for

phase out area rating for transit: Bratina for, Eisenberger against

bus fare increases: Bratina against, Eisenberger for

to reject a staff recommendation to veto the city plan and allow a drive-thru in Binbrook: Bratina for, Eisenberger against

Allow a Wal-Mart on greenfield lands in Winona designated for industrial: Bratina against, Eisenberger for

I'm not even cherry picking here. Someone go through their respective voting records and tell me I'm wrong. Seems people around here think the world revolves around a stadium at the west harbour.

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