Comment 58711

By observer (anonymous) | Posted January 29, 2011 at 16:38:25

Criticize Bratina's and Chapman's responses if you like--and I'm not sure why Coleman needed to make a somewhat gratuitous comment in the first place about the "mayor's office" size and experience: we know about that. BUT do not, I beseech you all, add Larry's name as a [choke-aghh] better choice than Fred or Bob. Remember Larry's repugnant comments in his Ecklund-now-taken-down "blog" about the challenge to his 2003 campaign donations--that the city should have done--and his volcanic ad hominems re CATCH's essential ground-breaking work over 7 1/2 years that some RTH-ers may not be aware of. Larry's opinion of himself is exceeded by: I'll let you all imaginatively fill that in. The man according to himself was faultless, brilliant beyond the was to gag. Leave Larry out of this.

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