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By MediaWatch (anonymous) | Posted January 28, 2011 at 16:40:04

It is interesting that 'journalist media' is given the same importance as MSM in the eyes of so many. Turn on your television sets and see what is happening in Egypt to understand the power of the media.

In this case we have a mayor with a thin skin. No one should be surprised, calling out an amateur blogger/media person. All of us should be disappointed by that. And a MS newspaper making it news by alluding to it. The two media worlds collide!

And a chief of staff whose job is to 'tamp' down negative stories instead gives it 'legs' by her questionable accounting of the facts. In other political jurisdicitons, she wouldn't last so long.

And meanwhile, all this is a distraction. The fact that council still made NO decision other than to pay 44% of an unknown number isn't given the play it should!!

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