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By Harrison (registered) | Posted January 28, 2011 at 14:06:53

Congratulations to Joey & Ryan for showing professionalism and grace under pressure over the incident with the Mayor and his Chief of Staff. Frankly, I am appalled by this lack of poor judgement on the part of Mr. Bratina & Ms. Chapman, especially the latter, who was notorious for taking cheap shots at our former mayor & his staff when she worked as a reporter for the Bay Observer. Joey's integrity should not be in question - he is a fair, hard-working journalist & our community is fortunate to have him where he is. To indicate that the mayor's staff is "not political" is untrue. Is it not an accurate assumption here, that the mayor made a decision to clean house after he won the election because he did not want anyone who had worked for the former mayor on his new staff? And is it not a fair assumption that his new chief is lacking in experience in municipal government? Regardless, these two individuals are being paid by taxpayers. The Mayor was elected & must hold himself to a very high standard of decorum, behaving at all times with integrity, professionalism, & dignity. The last several weeks have proven otherwise. Respectfully, the mayor & his top advisor would be doing themselves a big favour if they would remember that they must be accountable & will be held to a higher standard of accountability & integrity because they are public servants.

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