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By H+H (registered) - website | Posted January 28, 2011 at 12:56:17

As a Ward 2 resident, I've experienced, along with many other Ward 2 residents, then-Councillor Bob Bratina's rants and imagined slights. To say he is thin-skinned is to state the obvious. Prior to becoming Mayor, an accomplishment for which I congratulated him, Bratina's snipes were limited to Ward 2 residents. Now he has a whole new audience to offend.

Bob Bratina needs to remember he is now a leader of all citizens, not a broadcaster to those who chose to tune in. The third element of the city's stated Vision, a Vision he helped craft, states, "To be the best place in Canada to engage citizens." We're engaged. We listen. We observe. We comment.

In my view, it is Mayor Bratina who should apologize for shouting out an apparently groundless complaint about a private citizen on the floor of our Council Chambers. In my opinion, it was uncalled for, unprofessional, and unseemly for the Mayor of this city to do so.

As for Ms. Chapman, may I suggest you just post a copy of the confirmation of the cancelled airline ticket with the time stamp on it to prove your point that the cancellation was made long before you spoke with Joey Coleman? Also, may I suggest you post something in writing, as has Mr. Coleman, stating your version of the facts? That's a pretty easy thing to do. Having said that, I think the pettiness demonstrated by the Mayor and members of his staff is simply appalling. If this is how it begins, based on a basic scheduling mix-up, just imagine how it will end.

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