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By mrjanitor (registered) | Posted January 28, 2011 at 12:04:14

My personal opinion and one I would think many share:

Bratina got caught double booking and was willing to ditch the GIC meeting for Regina. He got called out on it and realized how horrible the public optics were on it. He was forced to reschedule and is angry that he has egg on his face and would no matter if he now stayed OR went to Regina. Bob is now trying to make Joey and Ryan pay a professional cost for catching him in the act.

One, Mayor Bob's lashing out at Joey and Ryan shows how powerful sites such as RTH and blogs have become (I don't care what you think about this mystoneycreek, your "decision makers aren't influenced by internet discussion boards" theory has been proven wrong over the last year... can't wait for the screeching sound of your rebuttal).

Two, Mayor Bob is not the type of high quality individual who will stand up and admit a mistake or judgment error. Bob will slash and burn everything around him before ever humbling himself, such is his ego.

Three, if the rancor I see in chambers between some councilors and Bratina continues then basically council will operate without a real mayor.

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