Comment 58543

By improvethehammer (registered) | Posted January 28, 2011 at 10:38:08 in reply to Comment 58536

That's funny, up until a week and a half ago BY kept telling me he couldn't make money at IWS. I'm just tired of the lies and won't partake in it any longer.

True, the Ticats have done themselves a disservice by using absolutes and then backtracking on them. Whether they were deliberate misrepresentations or their actual beliefs at the time, I'll never know. Regardless, it does impact their credibility.

I choose to believe they did some soul searching, and found a way to crunch the numbers to make Ivor Wynne work. Perhaps not as well as a facility in a "precinct" with opportunities for non-football activities, but to work nonetheless.

I'm a bit of a pollyanna (as you can tell from my posts and my handle ;)) But I credit them for backtracking -- it shows an ability to compromise. This is an improvement from their stance 4 months ago.

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