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By RenaissanceWatcher (registered) | Posted January 28, 2011 at 08:35:05

@ GrapeApe

Your observations are right on.

  1. On February 23, 2009, Hamilton city council voted to spend $10 Million from the Future Fund to acquire the west harbour brownfield lands contingent upon Canada being awarded the 2015 Pan Am Games. Most of those lands have been acquired and the $10 Million has been effectively spent but not yet paid out. Will the monies still come from the Future Fund? Or will they come out of some other item in the capital budget? Or will they come from increased taxes? And where will the remediation costs come from? This remains to be seen.

  2. Yesterday, City Manager Chris Murray characterized Hamilton's $3 Million share of the estimated $6 Million stadium naming rights as a capital contribution from the Tiger-Cats (i.e. Bob Young). There still does not appear to be any upfront capital contribution to stadium contribution from Mr. Young.

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