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By ONE P!$$ED OFF FAN (anonymous) | Posted January 27, 2011 at 22:19:31

Bob Lee,
The big difference is that the IW site doesn't give us the opportunity to provide the critical mass nearby that is neccessary to make the stadium sustainable and enjoy economic spinoffs that would be good for the entire city. I mentioned it in an earlier post regarding the neccesity to cluster entertainment/tourist/hospitality/retail/cultural facilities and industries which feed off each other and become attractive to investors who are willing to develop our downtown core. This helps in keeping our young people who are not looking for suburban lifestyles, but rather an exciting urban lifestyle with lots of entertainment options. This in turn becomes attractive to companies looking to set up shop. Also, by creating the critical mass, we increase our tax base significantly which is good for the rest of the city. The stadium itself is not the silver bullet to solve all these problems, but it could have been a very important piece of the puzzle. This should never have been about a compromise, it should have been about choosing the best economic model.

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