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By Jeff Jacobson (anonymous) | Posted June 10, 2006 at 12:53:23

The problem is not sprawl. People need space to remain healthy! This said, I also beleive that we are running out of land. So what is the answer? Well Population control. Don't mistake me for a supporter of Chinese policy, I have a real solution. First off, we need to reinstitute the traditional family, where the children grow up and live on the family land. This would slow the loss of land, and have the added effect of stabalizing local communities. Next, we need to Take a real look at immigration, and only allow people who we need for some skill that our population does not possess! We can grow our own landscapers if we pay a decent wage, and remove the social stigma's associated with these types of jobs. Low skill jobs don't have to mean that a person is too stupid , ignorant, or poor to do a "real job"maybe they simply like horticulture and the out doors. next, we need to get away from the idea that eonomic growth is the only way to have a healthy economy. If we are at a zero population growth, we should be able to maintain a stable number of jobs. Stocks would no longer be a volital market where fortunes are created and lost, but dividends would be stable and could provide a good stable investment income over the years, and could even replace some aspects of our retirement system. Don't forget , that stocks can be willed to the next generation, who would have the same stable benefits when their time comes. This is a radical approach, but think of the possiblities. What is needed is a sweeping change in how every aspect of our system works. Protect the freedoms of citizens, but why do we have to let anyone else in. Let them bring goods to the border, (if they accept our wage and labor standards in their country, and if their is complete trade resiprosity, )and Americans can distribute them as we desire.We don't need their man power, or their permission, and the foreign interests earn a profit only on the whole sale price of goods, with Americam interests retaining all retail profits here at home .Keep the finance market here as well, and see how healthy our economy looks, how how muck land use we save!

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