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By HamiltonFan (registered) | Posted January 27, 2011 at 16:03:25

Brandon, I didn't say anyone was an idiot. After reading some excellent articles and posts on this site and others, I came to the conclusion that WH with a new stadium, if it could be done, was a better fit than IWS2 for both the city and the team. I still don't think a stadium at WH is the place for the team though, I still believe that a highway accessible site like Aldershot is better for potential growth of the fanbase for the team. But that's a different story. It could be a good site for a stadium if the team did manage to do well from a stadium at this site. Get the Rheem site and brownfield cleaned up and all that. But I'm hopeful this will be done soon anyways with the velodrome or some other type of project.

I suggested BY might take the team to Moncton, I didn't say he would. I don't know what he'd do honestly.

The velodrome, to me, fits in more with the environment of the WH, a smaller structure than a stadium. Hopefully it can be built with use as an ampitheatre as well with one end open or something, that would be super.

So no, no one is an idiot except for me that has a mind that does change thoughts based on new readings and then further thinking. But I'm a nobobdy, I don't matter at all really, just one ordinary citizen who isn't all that bright actually.

This whole stadium and PanAm thing, while straightforward for some, hasn't been easy for me to grasp. It's been a rollercoaster complicated by the fact I'm a huge Canadian football fan and really enjoy the Tigercats and going to games. I enjoy the community aspect of it all as well as the competition. My wife and me live a a simple life, we are not socialites and don't entertain much and don't have many close friends and don't go to church etc. It's just a great night or day at the ballpark, I love the feel and smell of going to the stadium and being there with thousands of other Tigercat fans. They could put the stadium in the middle of Lake Ontario and I'd try to go to the games. I'm not as politically oriented as most on this site, a bit, but not that much. However I'm glad I stumbled on this site because I've learned a lot, will continue to learn a lot. There are some very talented and exceptional writers here and it has opened up my mind I must say, much more than most of what I read as news on The Spec or other mainstream media.

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