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By drb (registered) - website | Posted January 26, 2011 at 11:40:32

@McHattieSellout, I think we (and council) are getting our first taste of what the next few years of policy-making will look like in Hamilton. Major public projects, policy, and funding announcements by ambush. The IWS2 deal has been leaked to the media 24 hours ahead at every step. If the media was given the heads-up you can be sure that this was being leaked at City Hall as well. McHattie (and other councillors) must have known what was coming.

The Mayor's chief-of-staff is an old hand in the newspaper biz. I have wondered why she allows her boss to shoot from the lip so often. I used to think this was a mistake, but now I believe it is canny strategy. A mayor who creates policy on the fly, who brings "deals" to council fait accompli keeps opponents on council off balance. The Mayor is then no longer "just one more vote at council", he is shifting the stated public agenda and daring councillors to oppose him. In this case, it seems, some councillors feel it is best to sit back and cut bait.

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