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By George (registered) | Posted January 26, 2011 at 10:09:59

In today's Spec, Andrew Dreschel paints a vivid picture of his perception of how Monday's meeting of council went, where they discussed Ivor Wynne. See Andrew's article here

Amongst his quotes:

"Picture a clutch of winter white snowshoe hares trying to hide in the middle of a russet meadow.That’s how city councillors appeared throughout much of Monday’s crucial discussion on the funding shortfall for rebuilding Ivor Wynne."

"Presented by staff with an array of options illustrating a spectrum of stadium scenarios and shortfalls, they ineffectually fretted and flopped around the issue, seizing on small details, failing to ask staff the big, basic questions upfront."

"In effect, there was a thousand pound gorilla stomping around the room but, with some worthy exceptions, the best most of them could do was endlessly nitpick about parking, signage, operating costs, club seats and the like."

"You sensed the leadership vacuum almost immediately after city manager Chris Murray and Roberto Rossini, general manager of finance, wrapped up their presentations.That’s when Mayor Bob Bratina came roaring out the gate but only to remind folks that it’s actually ‘Brian Timmis’ stadium not ‘Timmins.’After that brief history lesson, Bratina then praised staff for all their hard work and peevishly sniped at blogger Joey Coleman for suggesting he wasn’t going to be at that day’s meeting.

Bratina then sat back and said he looked forward to hearing councillors’ questions.Not exactly a mayoral moment."

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