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By mb (registered) | Posted January 25, 2011 at 23:07:12

This just went to the Hamilton MPPs:

Good evening,

I'm sure you're all aware of the stadium decision issue in Hamilton. As a resident I'd like to point out that the majority of Hamilton residents (although I have no proof that is a majority), may not agree with our new mayor's stated priorities of keeping the Tiger-Cats in Hamilton and not raising taxes.

The current proposal sees almost all of Hamilton's contribution as well as much funding from the provincial and federal governments going to the stadium alone. The proposal does not meet the Pan Am terms for a site, although I guess we should let HostCO be the judge of that.

The Ivor Wynne plan is not in the best interest of Hamilton, IMHO. The return on investment is minimal, if even guaranteed. It will simply keep things as they are. A pro sports team will remain as a burden on a city struggling to come back to life. This level of investment would be better suited to wisely placed diverse projects, which the Pan Am games could be a part of, as it had promised to be.

Any pro sports team is a minor partner in the fortunes of a city. Unfortunately the decision process has been unduly influenced by both the team and the requirements and comments of our higher level government partners in this project. It appears as though we're all about to divert more funding than has ever been on the table simply to satisfy the needs of the Tiger-Cats, who themselves have not committed a dime to the stadium's capital costs.

Some suggest the funding gap will be bridged by the provincial and federal governments as this is an election year. This would serve to only further injure and offend a community that has been torn apart and forced to put on hold important issues that deserve our city council's attention.

It would be a terrible disappointment to see this grand opportunity for investment squandered so carelessly. I would rather see Hamilton use it's small portion used for a project we had complete control over.

I urge you not to allow this plan to go ahead as it stands now. A smaller, scalable stadium even though we have 3 in the city already, and permanent velodrome at the West Harbour will allow Hamilton to participate in the games and expand rather than reduce community facilities in the Ivor Wynne area. This would be the legacy that was presented as the spirit of the games. It's time to end your silence. Speak out against funding the Ivor Wynne plan.

Thank you,

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