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By d.knox (registered) | Posted January 25, 2011 at 17:51:32

Brian McHattie said something several weeks ago, about something being afoot with the back room powers that be, and that he no longer felt confident about how this thing might turn out. Then Ian Troop, Mr. No means No, is suddenly willing to accept a refurbishment where before it was a new facility only policy.

I fear we were doomed from the start, and the only startling thing is that we managed to thwart the driveway to driveway experience in any way. I feel like I'm driving by a horrible accident and I don't even want to open my eyes anymore.

On the bright side, I'm currently stitching up a fetching voodoo doll. Just have to figure out how to get me some chicken blood, learn a little voodoo, and I should have this thing under control soon... once I figure out whom it is I actually need to poke. (Ugh, who/whom?..damn. I'm going with whom, relative pronoun that starts a subordinate clause)

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