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By George (registered) | Posted January 25, 2011 at 15:26:13

This is what resonated with me most:

... its back to the leveraging critical mass argument I put forward in an earlier article on RTH. There isn't any critical mass on which to build at the IWS site, nor in the surrounding neighbourhood. Sorry, but economically speaking, it just isn't there.

And in regards to the contribution from Molson-Coors, Primus and Tim Hortons, there is this statemant from the Tiger-Cats

Please read the following from Jim Edmands, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for the Tiger-Cats: (bolded emphasis is mine)

Through the hard work of the Mayor and Bob Young, the team, the stadium and the Pan Am games are hopefully going to stay in Hamilton. The commitment by our partners was directly to the Ticats and was part of the formula that ensured the team stayed in Hamilton. These partners see a value in their investment in the Tiger-Cats brand. As Bob Young will have to continue to invest millions of dollars in the Tiger-Cats franchise before we could possibly move into a new stadium, these partners are doing their part to ensure they not only get great value from their investment in the brand, but that they help ensure the Tiger-Cats have a viable business case in order to get to the new stadium. Furthermore, without all of our corporate partners, there would be no Hamilton Tiger-Cats franchise. That's how important our partners are to our viability.

Alex Campbell Coordinator, Marketing Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club

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