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By MattM (registered) | Posted January 25, 2011 at 14:06:34

Bratina has taken a complete 360 on everything he seemed to stand for when he was a councilor. It's actually disgusting and pathetic. I have been nothing but disappointed with him since he ran for and became Mayor. He ran on a "platform, schmatform" that promised de-amalgamation in order to buy votes from the rich suburban crowd. It worked, getting him the roughly 70% majority he got. Now he has to turn his back on the progressive, urban ideals he had when he was a councilor in order to not let down the people who voted for him.

Bob was actually my favorite councilor before all this. I spoke with him in person many times about abandoned buildings and downtown renewal. He always seemed incredibly interested and I remember him spearheading quite a few initiatives. Him and I actually worked together to make sure the Royal Connaught was sealed up from trespassing on a few occasions and we talked about plans for the Century Theatre an Lister Block.

Now I don't feel that I could even speak to him any more. Amazing what a title can do to a person.

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