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By jason (registered) | Posted January 23, 2011 at 23:27:27

@say what, I agree that condo residential development is absolutely necessary and is 'the saviour' if you will of the downtown/WH area. I suppose council can just say no to the 6,000 seat stadium, but what about having that venue for community events that will need somewhere to go, as well as concerts, soccer events and the development that will be kick-started if we put the stadium and velodrome at the WH....a new James North GO Station would be bumped up in order to be completed by the PanAm games, and this all works towards opening the doors for condo development to take place there. We already know that Whitestar and Molinaro are itching to go with condo projects. I'm certain that other builders would follow suit once they see a huge cleanup happening and world class facilities being built such as the velodrome and soccer stadium. I'm not certain that condo developers will be as excited about locating their high end buildings next to a Rheem plant, city works yard and boarded up gas station that has no hope or prospects of being redeveloped.

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