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By Andrea (registered) | Posted January 23, 2011 at 22:18:42

Here are the preconditions from the above Spec link:

In the report, city staff say the Tiger-Cats have identified five “preconditions” to signing a deal with the city. These include stipulations that the stadium must have a minimum capacity of 23,500 seats and the north stands should be completely renovated.
The Cats also want the city to build new office space at Ivor Wynne so the team can move their operations from their current headquarters at 1 Jarvis St. to the stadium. Finally, the franchise wants 1,500 team-controlled parking spaces and an assurance that the team will not be “economically disadvantaged” during the stadium renos. Meeting these Ticat needs would cost the city an additional $18 million, bringing the total stadium cost up to $174.5 million.

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