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By Paul (registered) | Posted January 22, 2011 at 19:42:48


Sorry if this has already been addressed (there are so many comments) but tranist is for all. This backward idea that one is somewhat inpaired so they use transit is more of a self-fulfilling prophecy than actual fact.

I for one use transit by choice and am quite capable of driving and keeping a car but choose not to.

If more saw transit for what it is and could be, it's inportance would be finally realised.

Sure the poor and handicapped use it and many may because they have to. But it is not a charity ride but a viable method of transportation in many instances and could be even more if it was improved and treated more fairly.

Indeed as it is provided for public use there should be more incentive to improve its viability and encourage its use rather then relagating it as some trasnport for the students, poor and the unwell.

Part of the potential charm of LRT is it does not hold as much of the same stigma and will hopefully dig Hamilton out of the transportation dark ages it has sat in for so long.

But by the looks of things so far, more lip service and "studies" are being done for the LRT than anything actually concrete in seeing it actually come to be implemented in our lifetime.

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