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By Paul (registered) | Posted January 22, 2011 at 19:24:25

It is all great speculation and while I am having trouble with the vid due to computer trouble, it is just another empty product from the folks at the City. I would rather see actual progress than a vidoe or their slick glossy flyers Ive seen at the library etc. Seems to me to be too much marketing to show that progress is being made when it really isn't.

I support LRT though I do not think our current system should continue to sit in haitus while this is being pondered.

We need transit improvements now. alas the current and past City hall thinking as well as many drivers who have never used transit continue to neglect it while polticians hold up the almost mythical LRT as our great saviour whilde doing nothing to move it forward (with perhaps an exception or two).

Our new council has already shied away from the issue as the staff advocate further fare increases and council is too greedy to use the gas tax on the very thing it was intended for so it sits without improvement or movement whatsoever.

So we can further speculate and complain about the LRT and downtown all we wish but I would much rather see a movement to action to actually imrpoving what we have both downtown and our transit system.

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