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By hammy (anonymous) | Posted January 21, 2011 at 16:13:54

Strongly disagree, Freddy was fine as long as everyone was on the same side of the fence that he was. As soon as the WH deal was coming undone he, like many on this site got a little testy.
We all know he lied regarding the phone call from the province, [thats one]. Do you really think that was the only lie he committed regarding the Wh issue? I hardly think so.
Most of the population in Hamilton seem to agree with this.
If they didn't, he probably would have been re-elected.
Pretty tuff to knock a sitting mayor from top of the later to a distant third.
Frankly he has no credability left.
This last attempt at swaying opinion is just another attempt by a desperate man and his followers.
This certainly won't be the last we here of him, however he can bla bla bla all he wants. Most of us are not listening.
With all due respect Zep, how does one put together a logical cogent sentence for us all to understand. Noone? what the hay is that?? Is that like neewne? Just wondering of course since you are the one finding falt in others wrighting style, I thought you might need some help with yours. No offense of course.

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