Comment 57341

By Hamiltonguy (registered) | Posted January 21, 2011 at 12:15:49

First the city screws up on the availability of letting " ALL " the stall holders back into the market. There was a petition brought in to grant EVERYONE a stall back into the NEW market.

That gets fixed.

And now this????????????? Literally folks WTF ? Is this city run by idiots???? Seems to me every which way you turn any of the recent projects the city has had done, there's ALWAYS a problem.

I don't dare even mention the Pan-Am games... I just did so...

It takes almost 2 years to come to a conclusion after all the threatening and fighting, to keep Ivor Wynn where it is and just retrofit it?

Again I have to ask....

Is this city run by idiots?????????

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