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By highwater (registered) | Posted January 21, 2011 at 10:54:42

Its absolutely clear to me that is the way he was thinking reading this article.

Then I guess it was a reading comprehension fail on your part after all. This is what the article states:

Eisenberger believes the council he led made a grave mistake in February, 2010, when, after confirming the west harbour site, they produced, to his surprise, an amendment that opened the door to a Plan B option.

“I think that point in time gave others the opportunity to look at alternative sites and exclude the west harbour location, and that’s essentially what ended up happening.”

“My sense is if we had not done that and council was resolved on the west harbour, I would think that today we would probably be well on our way to having developed the location.”

Shorter Fred: If council hadn't blinked, the ticats would have stayed with WH, and wouldn't have been able to thrown a wrench into the process at the last minute.

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