Comment 57321

By jason (registered) | Posted January 21, 2011 at 10:18:15

Fred is bang on. The more I think about the Ivor Wynne deal, the more it stinks. The Cats aren't paying a DIME. What is this? The U.S.? Corporate welfare recipients can now just line up and empty out our city coffers??

Of course there is a funding gap at WH - the Cats were kind of expected to pay for THEIR OWN stadium.
If we'd re-elected Fred we would be firmly in control right now instead of trying to convince HOSTCO to fund half of a crappy stadium.

Time to email council, yet again, and remind them that we are in full control of $115 million. If the Cats want a free ride, we should pay their train ticket out of town to go poach some other loser city.

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