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By mb (registered) | Posted January 20, 2011 at 23:44:49

Look, there is no way to judge the IWS plan until the details are revealed. Who knows, when the East Mountain site was on the table, the Ticats offered money for a WH amphitheatre if indeed EM was chosen. Maybe a similar proposal will take place? Look, Bob Young doesn't hate downtown. He even moved the Ticat offices there (they used to be on Main but closer to the stadium), as well as some of his other businesses. But he's convinced he can't make money from a stadium there.

Both sides have made mistakes:

-Bob Young should have let his feelings be known earlier. I remember saying to my wife.."I just wish Bob Young would just come out and say it...they don't like West Harbour".

-Bob Young should not have pulled out of negotiations the day before the Aug 12th vote; why he did this I'll never know... my only assumption is that Young knew how the vote would go. But still...

-Bob Young should not have waited so late in the game to suggest IWS rebuild

-the city should have had a plan B in case West Harbour didn't pan out; why this goes unnoticed is beyond me - their first and biggest failure in this whole ordeal

-the meetings with the Katz group during the Fenn facilitation process (I compared it to cheating on your wife during marriage counseling (that being said, it's apparent that Young was talking to Burlington at around the same time so...)

-the city referring to the Ticats as just a tenant. Not only does it ignore 142 years of history, but it's also insulting. True, the Cats are 'tenants', but shouldn't a landlord ensure that their tenant is set up for success?

Oh well, it'll all be over soon. Some in this city will be mad, some will be happy. Whatever the decision is, we'll deal with it and move on as a city to other pressing issues.

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