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By Cathal Dunne (anonymous) | Posted June 08, 2006 at 13:08:32

This seems to be a welcome development, that Iranians and Russians are trading oil in currrencies different to the US Dollar. To me, it has always seemed unfair that an Irish oil company operating in Saudi Arabia selling to other European states would have to deal in a currency that is not used by any of these countries, the US Dollar.

I also welcome the rise of the €uro as a medium of exchange in as many global markets as possible. This is because I am a European Citizen living in Ireland. We have been living within the eurozone since 1999 and the EU then EEC since 1973. It is my opinion that a free, liberal, democratic world should not only look to a superpower like the US for guidance, I think a unified Europe, Europe being the birthplace of democracy,the Enlightenment, Renaissance and Industrial Revolution should also be a model.

It is through the international recognition of pan-European efforts like the €uro only bourse in Iran that the cause for European unification will be realised and the rebalancing of the world will occur.

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