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By salmoni building (anonymous) | Posted March 05, 2007 at 00:28:31

Congradulations to amherstburg town council for having given the go ahead to demolish the largest heritage building in the town.Our waterfront is now greatly improved with the new salmoni building which was always proudly refered to as The Navy Yard Building.You have even managed to wipe out the name of it.We espeacially like all the original limestone the owner re-used as part of the ploy to sell it to the people that the building would have some authenticity(not one was put back)Lets be honest the previous owner who had applied for residential units on the 2nd&3rd floors and was turned down would have had a legitimate law suit, had the current owner used the original building.It was much easier to avoid litigation and demolish eliminating that possibility than to chance another Gordon House debacle.So now you have a brand new shiny building to attract the tourists instead of the original one that had all that terrible history that went along with it.To think of all the hassle the previous owner went through whenever they wanted to pound a nail in it,and all along all they wanted to do was have what you have now.Had they been granted residential permits the building would never had sat empty for 15 years and would definitly still be standing anchoring the heritage theme to the town the waterfront and the NAVY YARD PARK and the town would not feel obligated to spend 4 million dollars changing the park.Perhaps they can take all the ruble from the old Navy Yard building and pile it inside the repossesed hull of the HMS Detroit and display it off the new $4,000,000 Salmoni island. Thank you. Anonymous for fear of another tax increase.

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