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By GrapeApe (registered) | Posted January 20, 2011 at 21:14:21

Maybe a 5000 seat WH statium is not "visionary", but it has been the confirmed, and several times re-affirmed, vision of the city. I am not against an IW refurbishment as long as the WH remediation is a stated requirement to accompany the IWS project. The synergy of PanAm with the TiCats really was an exciting opportunity, but this protracted series of site choices has been nothing short of infuriating. I want the TiCats to stay, I want them to do well (financially and as a football team), but when I started to feel like the city was placing TiCat interests ahead of all other with seemingly zero due-dilligence, I started to watch this debacle much more closely. Finally the TiCats'bluff was called and we still enter into negotiations on a "plan" with no public details. What gets me even more annoyed is the fact that BY has put nothing concrete towards the statium, remediation, etc. The original vision is WH and I think the city should stick to it. Build a scalable 5000 seater at WH for amature sport and add a permanent veodrome. If the TiCats want to continue to be a part of the fine city then they'll ask how they can contribute to making the WH work. If BY can't do/see that then he should find a new home and bear the knowledge that he was the caretaker that threw away the proud Hamilton history and its fans. I love CFL, I love football, but should this IWS refurb proceed and just maintain the status quo then I will forever look at the TiCats as this city's lost (mis-spent?) opportunity.

Also, I hope the city never forgets its steel and industrial roots. Frankly I am surprised that it's not more prevalent. In a city like Pittsburgh there is no doubt it was a steel city - there's steel bridges and structures everywhere. Perhaps we could use a little more of that type of pride here.

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