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By say what (anonymous) | Posted January 20, 2011 at 09:39:16

The downvoting is expected and not bothersome, kids will be kids. Anyway, The LRT vs BRT debate isn't likely done due to the enormous costs involved that are still just an estimate of $860M. I genuinely tried to stay away from the money issue When it was thrust upon me repeatedly with the perceived paybacks of LRT and they refused to accept that I didn't want to discuss that but rather station stops, crosswalks, closing streets and potential alternate routing, etc I tried to rebut reason with reason on the economic model. At that point it became a constant "when rubber meets pavement" philosophy lesson that I was not looking for. I've read the 93 page report cover to cover at least 10 times and am intimately familiar with the reasoning and told them so yet they persisted. It was quite aggravating. It was very clear that the person I talked to had no interest in hearing the public's opinion but rather was looking to sell his vision

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