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By bobinnes (registered) - website | Posted January 19, 2011 at 21:54:53

I wrote a letter opposing the outrageous stadium expenditure (to all councilors) and got a long reply from Sam Merulla which can be read at the above link. Here is an excerpt that seems to apply to the WH site.

"I believe we need to focus on priorities that matter e.g. Manufacturing Jobs, 2 billion dollar infrastructure deficit, 146 million dollar provincial downloading crisis and 20 percent poverty rate. My position has always been the same and that is the fact the Pan Am games and stadium is the mother of all unfocused priorities. I've attached the proceeding [subsequent?] comments for your perusal surrounding this fiasco I had written during the summer months:

Bottom line is a vote for West Harbour is a vote for Ivor Wynne due to the criterion that money will only be allocated to a site with a long term tenant. Keep in mind West Harbour has a capital deficit of approximate 50 million dollars and millions more in operating thereby creating an environment of an ultimatum from the Province and the Feds due to the preceding criterion."

I couldn't have said his first paragraph any better and even after his letter, cannot really understand his newfound support for this project as expressed at the recent council meeting. This spending madness is getting too close for our future comfort. Is nobody watching what most of the Western World is going through? Is Hamilton, Canada in a bubble?

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