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By Cityjoe (anonymous) | Posted January 19, 2011 at 17:15:17

@transitstudent who said, "But you see, roads are accepted as a fact of life and "everyone" uses them, whereas transit is for those who can't yet afford a vehicle or are otherwise disadvantaged."

That is not the case in most major cities in N. America. It's just the case in places that are 30+ years behind the times. :( Or places that have placed nothing into a transit system for so long, so that it becomes unworkable.

Most people in NYC, London, Paris, or Toronto don't bother with a car for daily use. They might own one, or rent one to go out of town, but transit or taxis are the best method of getting into the city core. However taxis can still be a problem when accidents stop traffic.

I think the biggest problem that Hamilton has is this 'car-centric myth' that a car denotes affluence, & all who don't own one must be poverty stricken.

Any damn fool can own a new car! 0% down & 1% to 3% interest for the 1st 4 years was the buzz word this past season. Does that strike you as something out of reach of the average wage earner?

Repeat after me. "I am Not my car. I am Not my car. My car will be nearly worthless in 10 years, & I will not."
"My car does not give me added sex appeal, & the size of my vehicle does not approximate the size of my penis/ or breasts."
" A new convertible does not take 10 years off my actual age, or 6 inches off my waste line. It's just a damn car."

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