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By Zephyr (registered) | Posted January 19, 2011 at 13:32:10

Everyone who posts on RTH is involved in this debate but I would not want to see birthday greetings to every single person here. This is a forum for opinion and debate, not a social networking site.

RTH is an excellent example of new media's ability to give a platform to a much broader segment of the population than traditional media. It reduces the ability of a rather narrow group of traditional gatekeepers to control information. I have turned to this site as the primary source of information re: the stadium debate because the articles here are well-written and backed up with facts. Perhaps the preponderance of support for the WH here is because it simply is better site than any other? So accuse the site of bias towards WH all you want, at least it is bias based on good information.

All I have seen from the Ti-Cats and non-WH supporters, on the other hand, is a lack of any information upon which council could in good faith make a decision. For example, last week council was asked to pass a motion designating IWS as the "preferred" PanAm stadium site, with no supporting documentation provided whatsoever. Several councillors alluded to the fact that the ONLY information they had was what they had gleaned from the Two Bob Press Conference.

For all those cheering Bob Young's business acumen, no well-run business would ever make a $115M decision based on an idea and a cursory study. And that's what council will be asked to do next week. Bob Young wouldn't run his businesses this way. Pro sports teams are hobbies for billionaires, but the City of Hamilton needs to be run with the rigour of a large corporation.

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