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By Sky (anonymous) | Posted January 18, 2011 at 20:29:52

There are some amazing comments and opinions on this site.

I sincerely wish that somehow everyone could respect and kindly just diagree instead of the childish bashing.

Still too much speculation at this point and I won't even go on about who/what I believe because the bottom line here is everyone does want what is best for Hamilton...

If we do end up with some upper Government funding for the Pan Am Games, (I am having major doubts~ yet hoping for the best), how about we try to find funding for our beloved West Harbour through other funds ?

Setting Sails document was a very good start...6 years later (after a 5 year process) and we are no further ahead...

So, any one else looking at other ways to get West Harbour up and running?

Instead of arguing who said what, who screwe* who, peering into a crystal ball with blinders on. ~How about we, collectively, put down our weapons and find solutions moving forward.

There are millions of dollars out there through other Federal/Provincial grants and funding, if we don't request them, someone else will.

If we get Pan Am, maybe we can ask for extra funding to improve other areas of the City ~ to showcase to the world, that Hamilton is up and longer fighting!

Even if we lose the bid...this money is still out there, we have started this journey to improve our City, regardless of a Stadium or not, we all want better...

Any takers ? :)

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