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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted January 18, 2011 at 15:31:32

save the WH for a new arena and entertainment district in the future for an NHL team

Not knocking this idea as it isn't a bad one in the least bit.

It saddens me though, to think that we are already (and I know it's been there a long time), talking about Copps Colliseum's demise.

I say oust Bettman and for the NHL to embrace an owner as passionate about the game and bringing hockey here, as Balsille was. Is? I loved the renderings of a scaled-up Copps. I like where it is. lol

Anways, it does hold many fond memories but is it just another bldg like IW that has had little put into it to keep it modern? 'Oh we didn't get NHL hockey so let it rot.'

Sad really. Remember what that bldg once represented for Hamiltonians? Ya, the promise of NHL hockey but just the concerts and other events it has brought us has been huge I would think, for our city. Maybe not financially I don't know the figures, but quality of life entertainment wise I would think it's existnace has been very beneficial.

I love watching the Bulldogs there too and I hate that we always overlook them. We get on average what 12,000 fans a game when the Cats suck, but can't sell out every Bulldogs game at 9,000 seats when the team has been as competitive as they have been almost their entire 15 year existance here? And the calibre of hockey is great. Very comparable to the NFL vs. CFL I think. Perhaps if the AHL was our game it would be different? Hint, hint. Nudge, nudge Mr. B.

But I digress.

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