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By CaptainKirk (anonymous) | Posted January 18, 2011 at 14:59:55

lawrence wrote:

"The two sites provide two very different views of our city, so is the 'view' in itself really an argument that can be won, because we all have different 'views' of what makes our city beautiful. Those steel factories represent my families life line for 4 generations. To me they are not an eye sore, but a part of our history. Something to embrace. Something to work to clean up and change as the times and technology does, but those factories I am pretty sure are there for a long time so why not compliment them for what they respresent for our city."

Agree with your notions about the steel factories. My father and his brother and cousins immigrated here after WWII and that was their lifelines too.

A couple of points. The steel factories and their visuals also mean the same to me, as they do to you. On a national level it also is a (proud) Hamilton trademark (the other being the Tiger-Cats) Definitely something to be proud of, as is the view from the skyway.

But so is our new and improved WH, something I'll bet most Canadians would be surprised (in the most pleasant way) to be exposed to, especially when identifying that with the city of Hamilton. Getting people off the highway, and into our core and Wh area can do the most good for our city by painting it int he best light possible. And therein lies its greatest value IMO. Doing so does not turn our backs on, nor does it neglect the important symbolism steel production had or has in Hamilton. (We must also be prepared for the day when we will no longer be producing steel in the traditional Stelco / Dofasco mills as that is a real possibility. But that's a whole other topic)

Hamilton is much more than steel and Tiger-Cats, at least the "new' Hamilton should strive to be, as most of us here already know it is. The WH and its connection downtown, unlike our proud steel heritage, can have the power to better our city through enticing visitors and residents alike to our city, and especially its heart, the donwtown/WH core. A strong heart is essential for a strong body!

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