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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted January 17, 2011 at 09:50:26

I do not for one minute feel as though RTH is some private interest group, but I think people who make important decisions in this city do spend some time on this site. So much of what is posted on here is well thought out and researched. If this site does influence decison I think that is a good thing. What I would have like is for someone with Pauls background and knowledge, would have stepped up and made a case for Ward 3 and an Ivor Wynne plan along time ago. I think we can accomplish just as much if not more at 75 Balsam than at WH if nothing more than the fact that with the exposure the Harbor has received over the cousre of the last six months, I can't see how something rmarkable wouldn't immediately start to materialize onve the final decison on these Pan Am games has been cast. The Ivor Wynne site and the area had very little exposure and we would have had no input on that sites development and would have ended up with a seniors residence and no change to 'the status quo' and the loss of a lot of spending dollars on top of the FOF leaving our community. Look at the responses from the people of Ward 3. They are ecstatic and now we are truly seeing how many people hade dreamed of this from the beginning. Do I think WH supporters should give up? Not at all. If there is one thing I have learned from Save Ivor Wynne Stadium, its never give up. I would have continued to fight even if Ivor Wynne hadn't been put on the table. I wanted something remarkable to live on at 75 Balsam whether IWS remained, or the stadiums of that site were honored for ifinity with a smaller scale staidium for local sports to be able to always remember what Ivor Wynne Stadium meant to this community. So if WH 'loses', the fight can't end to turn that part of our city around and for a better Ward 2. I will do my part in ensuring the pathway to downtown via Ward 3, is something that makes people want to get off the highway to see our city and they don't get right back on the highway when they enter our city from our Ward, they are encouraged to continue on to see our gem of a downtown and a harbor that we can be proud of. Ward 3. The pathway to downtown. A dream? Perhaps, but so was Saving Ivor Wynne Stadium. Fallback? Yes, but I'll take it and do my little part in ensuring people coming to this city in 2015 see what I and many others seen at 75 Balsam and the surrounding community.

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