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By nobrainer (registered) | Posted January 17, 2011 at 08:39:02

What's with all the trolls in RTH lately???

where is the other 25-50 million to clean up and service the site??

You mean the other $2-5 million? Nice job overstating the cost by ten times.

The stadium issue has never been about brownsfield, never was and never will be!

the stadium issue has never been about the Ticats, never was and never will be!

See what I did there? The stadium was is and always shall be about the PanAm Games and amateur sport legacy. What we decide to do alongside that is up to us.

Not only will the Cats not play at this site

Just like the Cats said they won't play at IWS?

the CFL has made it perfectly clear they will pull out of the city

It's called a bluff, let's go ahead and call them on it, the CFL can't afford to lose markets.

No Cats, no potential for pro soccer, at least from BY.

Yeah because there's no one else in the world who could bring pro soccer to Hamilton.

No legacy tenant, a requirment of Hostco for such a large stadium.

The Ticats would play in WH if that was there only choice, just like they'll play at IWS if that's there only choice.

Parking, IW will have much improved parking.

A thousand spots at IWS compared to almost 5000 spots at WH.

Costs? Substantially higher for less than IW.

Really? IWS is costing us $115 million to rebuild half of an existing stadium.

Access, total nightmare at WH.

Another disproved lie like the "no parking" lie.

No private money for WH from three major sponsers

How do you know? They said they's sponsor the Ticats to stay in Hamilton, pretty sure they don't care whether it's at IWS or WH.

Location, IW is located centrally for the entire city to access.

So how come the Ticats said it was a bad location until last week, it seems whenever they change there minds about what they can and can't live with, all their parrots change there minds as well, try thinking for yourself for a change.

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