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By perplexed (anonymous) | Posted February 27, 2007 at 02:10:43

A new SUV legend emerges. This one seems to imply that a 2 ton vehicle is lighter than air, or has verticle take-off capabilities.

Why else would the drivers park their vehicles on a 3 ft. deep snow filled ditch, & expect the snow to hold them up?

I have seen 2 incidents in 2 weeks & some 'Deep Rut' evidence of more. In one case, another SUV was trying to pull the 'dead' one out of the ditch with a 1/4 inch poly boat rope.
In another, the tow truck driver was bemused by a large SUV showing it's tummy & knickers to the world. looking like a dead rhino with limbs in the air.

I guess I have to ask...Why would anybody think their vehicle, (no matter how Miraculous!) would stay upright in those circumstances?

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