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By Yikes (anonymous) | Posted January 16, 2011 at 12:00:14

I don't know who WellWisher is obviously, but I'd like to thank him/her for articulating the reservations I have had with RTH as a forum that although it pretends to, does not really advance public discourse. His observation:

"When the world is already moving fast towards regional-centricity to overcome urban sustainable issues, you and most avowed research-challenged RTH'ites are still pushing an outmoded 'us v/s them' view of cities, and forcing Hamilton's suburban residents and its urban residents to remain suspicious of each others intent and motives."

really explains it all. I for one love Hamilton, but also see it as a community that has changed and is changing every day. For it to succeed, all hands must be on deck to vigorously debate but even more importantly defend each other's right to dissenting opinions. As much as Hume or Paul Wilson have contributions to make in their communities, each only represents a slice of the reality of Toronto or Hamilton. RTH speaks to that slice and sadly downvotes anyone else who tries to bring in a rational, thoughtful contrary opinion.

As we have seen in Arizona, the rhetoric of disdainful extremism doesn't help anyone. We don't shoot people here, thankfully. But words are even more powerful than weapons and in terms of that we not only use the occasional weapon, we arm the anonymous contributors with Glock-like weapons of mass destruction.

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