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By goin'downtown (registered) | Posted January 15, 2011 at 23:40:58


A Smith, I'm quite certain that Stat Can doesn't include benefits in their income figures, nor do we know the source of the "income" - which could include part-time work only, unemployment insurance, or Ontario Works - in addition to full-time employment. The cited $106K per COH employee average could easily be $74,000, when you subtract 30% (for the sake of argument) of that income being attributed to benefits. So that average starts to make a whole lot more sense when you consider that those jobs range from receptionists to various levels of police officers to senior management. And, the Stats Can info was for 2005 incomes. And, the COH info was for 2009 incomes.

Would lowering taxes make us more competitive?

Of course.

I'm quite done with this thread, but thank you for helping me to push my own personal envelope.

I am optimistic if not confident that the City will pull a plum from this motley pie, inclusive of IWS w/ Ticats and amazing Velodrome at the WH. I don't think they have ever been more under a microscope, so...they have to.

And then it gets exciting!

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