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By BigRam (anonymous) | Posted February 26, 2007 at 23:28:50

You seem to have a personal problem with big trucks. And your arguement is simple enough. Heavy vehicles do more damage to lighter vehicles when they crash, absolutely true. But what do you propose, boycott large vehicles?

I drive a 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 pick-up truck which I bought after driving a Ford Focus for 4 years. My truck tows a boat during the summer, a utility trailer with a snowmobile in the winter, holds all my camping gear and drives through the snow and mud in 4x4 mode when the roads get bad better than any vehicle I have ever owned. Since I can only afford one vehicle, a truck is the most versitle.

I also drive a semi truck, one of the largest vehicles on the road. Talk about doing some damage when they crash, semis top the list. But what are you going to do, get rid of those too?

Or better yet, tell the manufacturers that they are building them all wrong, and that they are obsolete unless they are unibodys?

Maybe we should all eat tofu, alphalfa sprouts, and organic tomatoes because killing cows and chickens is bad for the planet.

You can drive your Honda Ridgeline or Toyota Prius or whatever you want as you drive to your office in the city. The rest of us will choose the vehicle that suits our lifestyles as well.

Good Day Sir!

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