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By goin'downtown (registered) | Posted January 14, 2011 at 17:48:20

Captain, I agree - there's been way too little emphasis on the Games themselves, but I don't believe this would be the case had things not gotten held up by BY's about-face. As for the kafuffle since then, well - it's a lot of money. Multi-generational money. And it must be difficult to negotiate with someone who has betrayed you/the fans so many times already (by betray I mean multiple threats to move the team right out of Hamilton). At any rate - I still hope we keep the Cats (even if that means renovating IWS - but w/o selling our financial souls to them), and an amazing structure at the WH (preferably a mind blowing velodrome). I know this should never have been about the Cats, but, once that happened - we had to deal with it. (huge, heavy sigh)

My fingers are crossed for the afore-mentioned hopes to occur asap so we CAN start spending time and energy on The Games and get some momentum building...and then hopefully time will do its job in helping things heal.

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