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By Zephyr (registered) | Posted January 14, 2011 at 16:16:18

And if it is really true that our city is only known for steel and Ti-Cats, wow is it ever time to change our image!

Hamilton has some world-class medical research going on here. We have a gorgeous natural setting with the beautiful escarpment and multiple waterfalls (aren't we the waterfall capital of the world?) We have a lot beautiful architecture, and some good work being done to preserve it. Every summer I am impressed by the gorgeous flowerbeds that are planted all over the city, both public and private. And above all we have a beautiful waterfront that is slowly being transformed, with 500,000 annual visitors, many of whom are rollerblading and now ice-skating.

I can't tell you how many times I have seen a football broadcast from IWS in which they start the broadcast with a panoramic view of smokestacks and yet once again refer to the "lunch bucket gritty town".... its such a boring cliche by now.

I like urban. I like grit. I'm not ashamed of that part of Hamilton. I live in the North End and love it. But its time to project a new image as well! Hamilton is undergoing a renaissance, and its something to be proud of. I'd like to showcase our lovely community playground where ALL Hamiltonians can gather to eat, exercise and perhaps take in a soccer or Ti-Cat game. A destination to be proud of and a legacy for our kids.

This is a fantastic city but far too many Hamiltonians don't seem to believe in it. They lack vision and don't even want to try to imagine greatness.

I am sick of beer, football and steel all the time. I am also embarrassed by the sheer ineptitude and lack of any basic fundamental business sense that is the Ti-Cats management. Because of them the Ti-Cats are no longer a community team and are no longer a source of civic pride for me.

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