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By Serendipity (registered) | Posted January 14, 2011 at 13:48:49

Andrea, I've lived in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver and in each place I recall people knowing two things about Hamilton - steel and TigerCats.

You say the TigerCats "branding clearly does not resonate with many people who actually live in Hamilton or there would be no proble, at all selling out games." Sadly unfortunate that the Hamilton Opera Co is perhaps moving out of Hamilton Place, where HECFI head claimed they averaged a 60% fill rate at performances. Further, it was suggested that perhaps the 2,000 plus seat house was just too big for the Opera fans.

Ok, so TigerCats don't sell out every game? I'm not sure, but I think someone here at RTH gave attendance numbers for games and they were pretty darn good, excellent really. A hell of a lot better than the Opera's average 40% seat vacancy rate.

I'm an opera buff and love going to Ham Place to experience the performances. Unfortunately, the opera doesn't resonate with a lot of people here in Hamilton and I may soon be going to see Ham Opera at the new Burlington Arts Centre.

That's life here in the City where the really good stuff just doesn't resonate with all the folks we need sometimes to keep our music, our culture,no?, alive.

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