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By Sky (anonymous) | Posted January 14, 2011 at 10:09:12

Dear ImproveTheHammer...

You are right on with your comments towards me!!!

I realize that there are 'upsides' to renovating IW, yet unless there is a document out there stating that we are guaranteed the Grey Cup, the money out will always be on the taxpayers...

My pig headedness is getting in the way I guess...I just really wanted this to be so much more.

Maybe it is time for Council to actually do an entire assesment of every Venue it operates and look at ways to generate more income or have someone else run them...

I fully support all of the accessible options the majority of the Citizens can enjoy, soccer, hockey, football, the still does not include our most vulnurable though...and they just want the neccessities...

A 'cap' on what the City spends in subsidizations should be addressed on 'leisurely' items...We need balance.

I want our City to flourish and I don't think that repairing IW will be the long term solution.

If it is as good as we can get, I sincerely hope that we get the Grey Cups and enjoy huge spin offs for our City.

Maybe I will get thumbs down on this, but the frustrations I have had during this entire saga is the lack of accurate information thrown around, the 'possible' scenarios that may occur, the monies spent on studies/plans that seem to be ignored, the hate I read about~ directed often at Bob Young...IMHO he became a target because of the Pan Am Games criteria, as the long standing Tenant. It could have been Mickey Mouse, but I doubt that Walt Disney would have told Mickey that he is closing down Disney World and moving him over to a Park that is not going to have all of his dreams come true :)

Have an awesome day!


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