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By H+H (registered) - website | Posted January 14, 2011 at 09:41:37

Yesterday, Premier McGuinty said that the Hamilton Tiger Cats were part of the brand of the City of Hamilton. He's right, but I don't need to hear it from him at a very sensitive time in the negotiations. That he has connections to the TiCats has been obvious for some time. As Brad Clark said at Council, if you think Hamilton has been in the driver's seat for the stadium deal, you're kidding yourselves.

I would prefer Dalton to show his support for Hamilton by keeping his mouth shut and his wallet open. Imagine, we're planning on building HALF a stadium using ALL of the money. In the process, we'll lose a community stadium (Timmis). That's legacy. And our Premier is happy with the deal?

If Mr. McGuinty and his local cheerleaders (not the same as leaders) care so much about a made-in-Hamilton solution, they should let us do just that. Calling rogue Mayor Bobby B and suggesting he call Bob Young is just not appropriate. HOW did the Premier know what Bob Young was thinking? WHY did the Premier know what Bob Young was thinking?

If this IWS deal goes through, I want Mr. McGuinty and his elected local cheerleaders to immediately come forward with a major funding proposal for soil remediation of the WH lands. Maybe McGuinty can give Bobby B another call and tell him to meet a guy in a dark suit carrying a suitcase in a parking garage under Jackson Square?

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