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By ImproveTheHammer (registered) | Posted January 13, 2011 at 22:40:42

History has shown, even prior to Bob Young owning the Ti-Cats, that this location did not generate enough revenue to make money...So how will renovating it, change that?

The number of luxury boxes will be increased. Luxury boxes are essentially non-existant at the existing Ivor Wynne. Boxes have high profit margins -- which is why all modern facilities have them.

I would assume concession areas will be modernized and improved. Leading to higher concession sales.

Ticket prices will increase -- which isn't just price gouging. A comfortable seat with a seat back is worth more than a bench seat on a wooden board.

Capacity will increase, with a greater chance of filling to capacity. Something about modern structures, amenities, concessions and parking will encourage people to come out.

Grey Cup revenue. The CFL likes to show off its new(er) facilities (which I guess is true in all leagues). Hosting a Grey Cup is usually a license to print money (provided we ignore the fiasco of 1996).

Who in their right mind, spends even $20,000.000,00 on a venue when the major Tenant pays $26,000.00 in rent? I am curious to know how much revenue we receive from the other 250 'renters'.

For us to enjoy a Stadium that is accessible to our Highschools, amatuer sport leagues, and citizens, it still must be able to carry itself...IMHO anyway.

You're too logical.

But it is all to common for municipal owned facilities to operate at a loss. Swimming pools, parks, soccer fields, velodromes, libraries, baseball diamonds -- almost all of them cost more to operate than they take in from facility rentals or user fees. Hockey rinks might be the only exception ;).

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