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By goin'downtown (registered) | Posted January 13, 2011 at 21:49:40

So much fodder for comment between last night's Council, today's RTH and, of course - the issues at hand.

I heard the $110-million figure go to $115-million, to $120-million, to $125-million - last night alone. (sigh)

Farr, despite his fondness of the Cats, voted for Plan "B." Any councillor that didn't acted irresponsibly. Farr also agree to the RTH interview. Johnson voted again Plan B because she's entirely against anything to do with the Pan Am Games.

Clark, Pasuta, Pearson, Partridge and Duvall were lovely surprises. McHattie delivered, as usual. Morelli and Whitehead truly sound authentic; all I can do is report my observations. Merulla started off very sincere and eloquent, but became smug to the point of silly, and inappropriately and inaccurately berated Pasuta. Powers was the only one who brought attention to the amazing opportunity that Hamilton has been awarded through the Pan Am Games, by pointing out all the other Pan Am components, some of which I wasn't even aware of. No one pointed out the city-building benefits whatsoever, and although there were some great questions asked, there wasn't nearly enough of these great questions asked. As mentioned last night and on this thread, "the devil's in the details." I can't blame them for publicly airing their frustration; "flawed process" is an understatement. Their frustration and humiliation seemed sincere.

The commenters on this thread upvoted for councillors to wear jeans & hoodies amid upvotes for cruel fashion critiques. Credibility and substance far outweigh the importance of attire.

We need to throw a whole lot of light on the Velodrome issue. If we don't get a chance to show off our harbourfront to the world via the Pan Am Games, we are losing an invaluable marketing opportunity. I don't know anything about velodromes except what I've read on RTH, but Council needs to get this info and options and costs freakin' pronto.

If TO2015 turns down IWS, I feel it's their "out" to omit Hamilton altogether from the Pan Am Games, because at that point we would be submitting all over again, from the beginning, against other municipalities, for a 5,000-seat stadium proposal. (heavy sigh)

I feel the only credible source in regards to what sized stadium would best serve Hamilton's concert needs are the concert promoters - the local promoters, out-of-towners, and LiveNation. Personally, would love to see an outdoor concert venue at the WH as a result of these Games.

I emailed Council twice yesterday - once just before they met, and after I'd left the meeting. I received personalized responses from Pearson, Clark and Partridge. I'm sure I'll hear from McHattie, too; I usually do.

Meanwhile, I suspect that there is already SO much in place that we don't know about (monolithic understatement). Personally, I want to see the Cats stay in an acceptabley renovated IWS, an anchor structure @ the WH so that we can reap the maximum benefits to the community, and take full advantage of having an international spotlight on us. I will support the Pan Am Games in whatever way I can once our direction is clear...I just hope they're still happening here.

As for Ryan's input in this thread - thanks for continuing to be the voice of reason.

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