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By Sky (anonymous) | Posted January 13, 2011 at 20:48:12

To try and answer a very valid question from Anonymous...

Brad Clark was huge last night with many of his comments, I did choke on his analogy of the contaminated brownfields "cap vs. dig and dump"...

I am not an engineer and respectfully hope that someone can correct me if I am wrong...

Even a Veledrome would have to have footings...the higher the building, the deeper/wider the footings...Footings require digging.

Working in a concrete/soils/ashpalt testing equipment business (in the old days) leads me to believe that the areas that are contaminated would require a full Environmental Assessment. Then, depending on the degree of contamination, would require a possible perculation period, prior to dirt being disturbed...this period could range from months to years before the dirt can be excavated...huge money to boot.

My understanding of 'capping' is paving over the said area...Again, I believe an EA is required and then very specific site surface remediation and materials can be used...

I could be wrong, but if not, then what ? I could not find where this had been addressed by Council!

So in essence, we could end up being told by the Ministy of Environment, hands off or yes, you can pave it and nothing more...

Sorry to be on the negative side of this but I have had major concerns about this scenario arising and us becoming no farther ahead, and more money down the toilet.


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